French Cuisine Food Truck!

Wandering around downtown a couple weekends ago I noticed all of the food trucks that have started to appear and how popular they have become.  It’s the new age way to eat out with your family and experience different cultures cuisines and let’s face it some pretty delicious food. I saw trucks ranging from Cajun inspired meals, to Mexican, Asian and American.  The one truck I couldn’t seem to find was a truck that offered French cuisine. As many of you that may be following my blog know I’m all about French cuisine and have been navigating my way through various recipes and trying my hand at it at home as often as possible! That’s when I started to come up with the idea of a French food truck.  Hey who wouldn’t love to enjoy some of the greatest French dishes out there without having to go to a high end restaurant or french-food-truckspending a ton of money. Especially for those that are just starting to explore their pallets for new cuisine outside of their normal parameters. If I opened my own French food truck which dishes would I offer and how would I decorate it?  I mean after all the outside of the truck to me is one of the ways to catch people’s eyes, coupled with the delicious aromas coming from the truck itself. So, my fellow french food lovers I have decided to layout my blueprint for the best French food truck for all of you to critique and ad suggestions too. Who knows, maybe after the new year you just might find my incredible French food on wheels parked alongside all of the other food trucks downtown! With the help of a friend of mine who owns 201Wrap out of Jacksonville, Florida I have already started designing what the truck would look like.  Here are some of the dishes that i would love to serve and master the recipes too!

French Food Truck Cuisine

  • Jambon Beurre- this sandwich is so simple yet so delicious it’s practically a no brainer.  Think tasty french baguette with ham and butter. You may be thinking ajambon-beurre ham and butter sandwich, how is that incredible?  Let me tell you, you have to try your taste buds at one before you can knock it. It’s perfect for those on the go and sure to satisfy your hunger.
  • Cassoulet Wrap- think duck confit with savory white beans and perhaps chunks of delicious sausage all done up in a burrito style type wrap. Serve them with pommes sarladaises which are basically garlicky fries cooked in duck fat ad you have yourself a heavenly meal!
  • Parmesan Truffle Fries- simple yet incredibly delicious and sure to hit the spot.  Who doesn’t love french fries especially topped with parmesan cheese and a little truffle oil. It’s an upscale twist on normal french fries and sure to set your fries apart from the rest!
  • Beignets- one of my personal favs these little bits of heaven are great with a cup of coffee and a little afternoon or evening pick me up after shopping!
  • french-crepeCrepes- these babies can be found all over the streets and restaurants of France and are incredibly delicious.  What’s great about them is you can fill them with all kinds of flavors so they are sure to satisfy a variety of pallets. Think sweet, savory, hearty, you name it we can make a crepe with it pretty much.
  • Mussels & Shrimp- for the seafood lover and those that would love to indulge in this delightful combo sitting in a saffron broth.  I am getting hungry just thinking about it!

The menu may have to be a bit more elaborate but nothing to crazy. After all, isn’t the idea of a food truck to be simple yet delicious.  I may just be in the planning stages and there may be a lot left to figure out and plan but this would be a dream of mine come true. Who knew that starting out trying to cook French cuisine from home would lead to a passion for French food like I have found.  Hopefully my French food truck idea will really take off and I can bring it to life in the near future!