~French Chefs-Artists Of Their Craft~

greatest-french-chefsHopefully you fellow readers have had a chance to check out my last post on the best French restaurants in the U.S. When writing that last post I mentioned some of the chefs who head up these fabulous and must try French restaurants, and that’s when it got me thinking!  I have never done a feature on some of the greatest French Chefs out there. While I myself, covet to be a French chef worthy of just my family and dinner party friends approval, these chefs I’m about to mention are famously known for their skill and expertise in French cuisine and have shared it with those throughout the world. Not to mention have also made the fabulous French restaurants like those I mentioned in my last post as great as they are!

The Greatest French Chefs

  • Jean Christophe Novelli- Known these days as a famous celebrity chef he runs his own academy, Novelli Academy, which is ranked as one of the top 25 cooking schools in the nation.  He found his love for cooking at the age of 14 when he perfected the art of baking. At the age of 19, he began his first private chef position to an elite figure.  From there he went to Britain and has successfully opened 4 different concepts while in London.
  • Helene Darroze- With her own two restaurants in Paris and London, she is  2 star Michelin chef and trained under Alain Ducasse. She also comes from a family of four generations of chefs. You can taste her love for cooking and her choice of rustic flavors in all of her dishes.
  • french-pastry-chefPierre Herme- A world renowned Pastry chef who began his formal training at just the age of 14 under elite Paris pastry chef Gaston Lenotre. He has received many awards for his brilliant and tantalizing pastries such as being named Pastry Chef of the Year in France, as well as receiving the Chevalier of Arts and Letters award.
  • Raymond Blanc- owner of a two Michelin star establishment, Le Manoir, in the UK, he found his way to England from eastern France.  Raised by a mother who loved cooking and had quite the skill at it, some of her talents rubbed off on him.  He is known for using seasonal fruits and vegetables to make the dishes he creates the freshest most full of flavor possible.

best-french-chefsI have found while writing this post just how much I enjoy researching French Chefs.  With a passion for cooking and the flavors they create each one of these phenomenal chefs is a true artist.  Seeing the love and skill they have for cooking and taking notes of their flavor choices and dish creations, has me inspired to create some fabulous new French dishes for my family and friends.  I love how each chef also puts individuality into their dishes bringing out different features and profiles. Awww, for the love of French cuisine!