Monaco & The French Riviera

I started this blog in hopes of sharing my love for french cooking as well as tidbits Monaco-yacht-showand tips on how to successfully prepare French cuisine from home. I think in writing my posts I have discovered more and more how much I love french cooking, food and ingredients.  I also have realized that the French culture in its entirety is something that I really am interested in and appreciate.  Recently I began taking a French cooking class two nights a week to further my knowledge and to also be able to share a little more with you fellow readers.  What a great experience it has been! Not only have I expanded my knowledge of French Cuisine, I have also met some really interesting people that share my same passion for the French Culture. In fact a group of 5 of us will be going abroad to visit the French Riviera and explore Monaco! One of my fellow travel companions, Brian, is a vinyl boat wrap technician and has traveled to Monaco many of times to vinyl wrap yachts and eat at some of the best French restaurants & cafes that you can find.  Brian, began sharing his traveling stories with me during our cooking classes and I have found that I am even more intrigued with the French culture than I once was!

French-Riviera-MonacoAlthough this post may be a little off kilter because it doesn’t focus entirely on french cuisine, I thought my fellow readers may be excited to hear some of Brian’s tales about the famous Monaco Yacht Show that is in fact going on as I write this!  It is considered the biggest yachting event and kicked off September 26th!  People from all over the world travel to this event to see the beautiful yachts that boast state of the art kitchens to cook cuisine from all over France and the rest of the world, as well as spas, beauty salons, swimming pools, and gyms! You will find this yacht show in Monaco located in Port Hercules prisistine and sparkling waters. With 121 super yachts on display and some even for sale one can definitely dream!  My dream would to be to sail on one of these magnificent ships through the French Riviera enjoying delicious food, champagne, the ocean breeze and all of the sunshine.

Super Yachts Of “The” Monaco Yacht Show

  • Axioma- This beautiful yacht is owned by Russian billionaire Dmitry Pumpyansky and boasts an infinity swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym, massage room, and steam room. Measuring 236ft there is plenty of room to sail the French waters in style & class
  • Motor Yacht Solo- This yacht is 236ft as well and has a 20ft swimming pool, Turkish bath, and a Winter garden
  • Elandess- At 244 ft this ocean giant is complete with a super yacht swimming pool, observation lounge and another lounge below the waterline.
  • Illusion Plus- One of the bigger yachts at the yacht show it comes in at 290 ft. It has 4 interior lounges, 2 jacuzzi pools, a helicopter pad, and a beauty salon! Am I in heaven yet.
  • Barbara- Another of the bigger yachts at 290 ft this beautiful ocean masterpiece has a gymnasium on the sun deck and a wellness areaFrench-Italian-cuisine
  • Dar- Perhaps the biggest yacht at the show this yacht is 295 ft and offers panoramic views from the interior, a state of the art kitchen, helipad, swimming pool, beach club yes a beach club! And a bathing platform!

While these are only a handful of the amazing yachts at the show there are still so many more to see and take it. Another thing that I am excited to take in and have a first hand experience at when we travel to Monaco is the cuisine.  Being that it is located on the Mediterranean a lot of the dishes are prominent with seafood and fish.  Another fact is that the cuisine found there is actually a combination of Italian and French fare!  I am beyond excited to try out some of the Italian infused French dishes and share recipes with all of you readers when I return.  Part of me feels as if I monaco-cuisinemay never want to leave the French Riviera and instead relocate to a small little town along the Mediterranean Sea.  Brian has shared that in all of the trips he has taken to vinyl wrap luxury yachts and smaller boats he always leaves a part of him in the French Riviera when he returns to the states.  He said that being he isn’t the world’s most creative or greatest chef he started taking our French cooking class in hopes of bringing some of the amazing dishes he has eaten while abroad to his on kitchen. All I can say is Bon Voyage my fellow readers, I promise to return with wonderful dishes to share and many stories of the French Riviera and all of it’s splendor!